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Welcome to the website of ST. Mariam's School, Daltonganj Palamu, Jharkhand.

There must be revolution in the field of education since now.If humans life is incomplete without education

Today’s students are the first generation to grow up with digital technology and this technology has changed the way we view knowledge, access information and relate to our world. It provides us incredible possibilities to connect and communicate

"The object of teaching children is to enable them to get along without their teacher. At St. Mariam's School we nurture children – to make them enlightened, educated individuals who are Directorfearlessly articulate, caring and humane; who can seize every opportunity to learn, seeking to serve not just the community but the nation and the world."

to stimulate the minds of our students and to foster the love of learning. MindUp and social thinking curriculum are vital components to our school day as we teach and model mind and body awareness and demonstrate and reinforce effective and expected social skills and behaviour.

Our staff is dedicated and committed to provide a supportive and fostering environment where every student is encouraged to achieve her potential. Our energetic talented students reap the rewards of this, both inside and outside the class room.

It is a teacher’s responsibility to render service to the pupil for getting its efficiency towards the perfectness. It is the historical witness since very beginning that India has been the leading centre for education and knowledge .it is our effort to rank our ahead. Only when our country will achieve this target when our future makers will gets its physical, mental, spiritual, perfection. Hence our school is trying to do its job.

Where there is a downfall of education our endeavor to prepare architecture with grandness of sponsoring and fair like soul. It is the requirement of making a society where is a feeling of equality and no discrimination of high and low and rich and poor .it is not possible without a revolution in the circle of education. So , It is our pledge to bring the revolution and establish equality amongst all.

School is like those holy places where seeds of character is sown .there must me realization of merit of reverence in every child .it is not our duty but also him we are ever reading our whole and sole in direction and having expectation for having cooperation from all of you.